Import Shipping Increases Blog Post

The cost of shipping has been a major concern for businesses and consumers alike over the past couple of years. Shipping prices have been on the rise due to various factors, including fuel prices, labour shortages, and disruptions in global supply chains. These increases have led to higher prices for goods and services, as well as logistical challenges for businesses.

So, how have shipping prices increased in the last two years, and what steps have we taken to deal with the increase?

Over the past two years, shipping prices have increased significantly. All our imports have at least tripled in price since before the pandemic due to disruptions in global supply chains.  We have experienced delays and shortages in shipping, as well as increased demand for goods and services, which has led to a surge in shipping prices.

Steps to Deal with the Increase

As shipping prices continue to rise, businesses and consumers must find ways to deal with the increase. Here are some steps that we have taken to help counterbalance these increases:

Plan Ahead – Planning ahead is key to dealing with higher shipping prices. We have been planning well in advance to avoid last-minute rush orders, which can be more expensive to ship.

Negotiate Rates – We have been negotiating new rates with all our shipping providers to help reduce our shipping costs and have partnered with a logistics provider that can negotiate favourable rates with carriers.

Use Alternative Shipping Methods – We have been using alternative shipping methods in mainland Europe, such as rail or road to help our business reduce its shipping costs. These methods may be slower than shipping by air, but they are more cost-effective in some cases.

Pass on the Cost – Businesses may also choose to pass on the cost of shipping to their customers by adjusting prices accordingly. We are pleased to say we have not increased our prices, due to successfully planning and negotiating with our suppliers and shipping partners.

Shipping prices have increased significantly over the past two years, and businesses and consumers must find ways to deal with the increase. Our careful planning, negotiating, and using alternative shipping methods has helped keep our shipping costs to a minimum and mitigated the impact of rising shipping prices to our customers. Contact us for more information!

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