Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distribution plays a fundamental role in the efficient and widespread distribution of products to both high street shops and online retail stores in the UK. By acting as intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers, our wholesale distributor services provide a key link in the supply chain. Since 2020 we have been sourcing products in bulk from world-wide manufacturers and successfully distributing these brands to a network of retailers.

Our Wholesale Services:

We offer a range of valuable services to manufacturers to help reduce production and shipping costs.  We are able to handle logistics and transportation of a variety of products, ensuring they reach retailers and end customers efficiently and on time.

  • Storage & warehousing.
  • Reducing shipping costs.
  • Improving overall accessibility to consumers.
  • Delivering a diverse range of products to the UK market.
  • Efficient logistics & market intelligence.

Case Study: Florpad

In 2021 we embarked on an exciting journey with FlorPad.  As wholesalers, our mission is to connect manufacturers with consumers.  Through our distribution service FlorPad, is now available in retail shops and online stores across the UK and Europe.